We are dedicated to the establishment of public riding facilities on Fairfax County parkland.



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Fairfax4Horses held its Annual Meeting in November. The meeting included an update on the status of equestrian trails in Fairfax County, discussion of activities at Turner Farm and Laurel Hill, a presentation on hoof care, and a review of Fairfax4Horses’ participation in the Vienna Halloween Parade.

Fairfax4Horses held its Annual Meeting on November 14 at the Vienna Baptist Church. The meeting began with introductions of board members and attendees. Individuals had an opportunity to mention topics of interest or concern regarding equestrian issues in Fairfax County.

Beverly Dickerson presented information on restoring the Bull Run Loop Trail based on a briefing provided by Bill Niedringhaus of the Potomac Heritage Trail Association. The briefing can be viewed and downloaded here.

Fairfax County approved two new trails in 2017, the Sully Loop Trail and the Bull Run Loop. These added to the network that had been expanded in 2014 by the addition of the West County Trail. There are many opportunities to contribute to the quality of the trails. The Battlefield Equestrian Society is taking the lead on enhancing the Bull Run Loop. If you would like to assist, see their website at www.battlefieldequestriansociety.org

One aspect of the trails that sometimes goes unrecognized is that mountain bikers and equestrian have some interests in common (for example, neither group wants asphalt trails) and can often support each other. Attendees at the meeting commented that bikers have been considerate of horses on the trail and friendly to riders. 

Lake Fairfax Park has acquired a 5-acre tract on Hunter Mill Road that may have potential as an equestrian facility. The property already has a barn and a house, and an area where a ring could be located. It also backs up to Lake Fairfax Park, which has miles of trails. Fairfax4Horses supports and will assist in looking at possibilities for developing this property as a county-owned, vendor-operated riding facility.