We are dedicated to the establishment of public riding facilities on Fairfax County parkland.



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Amazon.com will contribute a portion of the value of your purchase if you shop from smile.amazon.com.  The donation amount is from Amazon, so no additional charges are placed on your purchase. You just need to select Fairfax4Horses as your charity, and as long as you go to smile.amazon.com first, this will happen automatically.

This is a great program because Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to Fairfax4Horses but you pay the normal amount for your order. Here is how to do it:

  1. Instead of going to amazon.com, start at smile.amazon.com.  You will see the same screen that you would from the regular site.
  2. There will probably be a default charity already set up. You will need to change it to Fairfax4Horses in order for us to receive the donation.
  3. To do this, scroll down to the search window near the bottom of the screen. Just type in “Fairfax4Horses” and click on the Select button to the right.
  4. You should get confirmation on the screen and a confirmation e-mail sent later.
  5. Shop and order as you would normally. The Amazon donation goes directly to the Fairfax4Horses bank account.

Although the amounts will generally be small, if enough people purchase this way on a regular basis, it will make a difference. Thank you for your support!